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Rubber injection equipment

Developed by ourselves, the rubber injection equipment optimizes the design for the two-component high viscosity liquid silicone rubber.

Technical norm achieves or surpasses the overseas similar products, so it can effectively substitute the overseas rubber injection production line.

It is suitable for the injection and production of the liquid electric conduction rubber needed in the production of the cold shrink cable accessories.

The measurement and the high pressure injection is composed of the equipment, with the entire vacuum injection rubber production, the high pressure injection, the high speed, and its injection speed is much higher than the imported measurement pump, so the injection quantity is precise. 1 pc of injection machine can simultaneously match 1-4 pieces of vulcanizing press. It's easy to fix or download the vulcanizing press for adjusting the product ability. Moreover its productive efficiency is as 2-4 times as one imported rubber injection machine, and outputs are as above 10 times as an imported rubber injection machine. The biggest injection pressure reaches 30MPa, and the biggest injection quantity is 15000ml.

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