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The characteristics of the cold shrink cable accessories
It is produced by imported liquid silicone rubber. For macromolecular silica gel materials, it has stable performance, strong tracking resistance and electric corrosive resistance, good electric performance, also it has better weathering and structure than a monomer construction. To compare with the solid silicone rubber, it has better elongation. It changes a little after stretching, and it has a long guarantee period.   
A patent structure developed by ourselves. We optimize products design with an electric field testing by the specialized software. This way, the axis and radial direction electric-field intensity which is inside and outside the product insulation have ideal distribution. And it can ensure that the products are safe and reliable in a long term.
New production technology. The inside of the mold should be the vacuum in the course of the production. The raw material with the high-pressured injection takes shape through curing under the high temperature and high-pressured condition. And its internal structure is integrated and has no bubble caused. With the new expansion technology, its inside is integrated and clean, no mechanical trace. So it enormously eliminates the hidden danger in the products processed, also the product performance has a natural enhancement.
use stress controlling cone structure, good reliability. Stress adjustment unit (stress cone) internal pre-mold, produced by imported liquid state electric conduction silicone rubber, stable volume resistivity, good cementation with the insulation material, the expansion distorts slightly. External shield level of the joint is injection production (to produce the external shield level first, then inject the insulation level).
New bracing strip production technology, advanced welding manner, even welding point, smooth external bracing strip, small traces in the inside after stretch.
Install and use conveniently. The rubber material's elasticity is good, distorts slightly, guarantee period amounts to 2 years, after the contraction it can tightly attach the cable, then can avoid the gap causing, moisture-proof and "the breath" with the cable.
The long-term movement is stable and reliable, maintain simply. The silicone rubber's hydrophobic (surpasses ceramic 30%) makes the terminal keep the permanent good anti- contamination ability.


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