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Liquid silicone rubber (LSR)

Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) is designed to produce silicone rubber parts more efficiently and economically. These two-part pumpable silicone materials are mixed and rapidly heat-cured to form elastomeric rubber components. They are ideal for intricate design and close tolerance parts.

  • Molding Cycle Time - Fast cycle times that are typically measured in seconds.
  • Secondary Operation - Molds can be designed to be flashless, eliminating the need for secondary operations.
  • Contamination - These materials are packaged in a closed system; there is less chance of contamination because an operator does not physically touch the material.  
  • Labor - Liquid silicone rubber injection equipment and tooling can be set up to run automatically with only minimal labor to monitor the system and change drums.
  • Scrap - Liquid silicone rubber does not generate scrap from excess flash to the same degree as high consistency rubber. Liquid silicone rubber molds can be designed to run flashless.  
  • Part Configuration - Because of liquid silicone rubber's flow properties, they are ideal for small intricate parts where maintaining tight tolerances is important.
  • Tooling - Molds for liquid silicone rubber are typically smaller with lower cavitations. This translates to less temperature variability and better dimensional stability of the finished parts.

Based on the unique physical property of the siloxanes technology, it can provide the superior insulating ability, fire control, hydrophobic as well as the good environment nature. Reliable insulation under the adverse circumstance / high temperature stability / anti- burnt characteristic / low toxicity / nimble processing / high creep-resisting and the anti- electric arc / long-term hydrophobic / still flexible lower than -45

The best performance vulcanized rubber is mixed by 1: 1 mixture of component A and component B (it hasn't any obvious influence when the deviation is about 10%). Component A contains the platinum catalyst, component B contains HPSO curing agent. The addition of crosslinking starts in the mixing of component A and the component B, determines the t90 value (that is the time needed in the course of 90% curing)

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